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Day: January 25, 2023

Maggi For Malaysians

Showing Maggi

Maggi is really a Swiss product or service run by Nestle Malaysia since 1957 to supply Malaysians their favourite foods items like seasoning and instant noodles. Maggi has obtained a lot of awards under Nestle like obtaining Precious metal in the Putra Brand Honours in 2019. Maggi is adored by Malaysians due to its production of halal food goods on an easy supper preparing.

Maggi Merchandise

Maggi is well-enjoyed for that flavourful speedy noodles in flavours like curry and chicken. We offer sauces, like chilli and oyster marinade, to become used as condiments or flavouring within your food preparation. Our seasoning merchandise like our bouillon cubes may also make your preparing food a breeze. We have fast noodles and blends that you could develop a food items easily.

Dishes to work with With Maggi

We source a summary of meals that you can try out easily with Maggi merchandise. So that you can prepare a chicken dish, you are able to try our nasi goreng cina or sambal fowl menu manufactured with all the soy goods marinade and CukupRasa. To the plate of beef meal, look at our quality dishes for beef mate noodles or meat dendeng produced tasty utilizing our beef supply cubes.


Make food With Maggi

Our seasoning functions allows you to make without issues. By way of example, make fried rice swiftly with Maggi Nasi Goreng Kampung seasoning. This page provides quality recipes for sea food too, for example our popular bitter prawns recipe with MAGGI Tomyum Paste. Serve your loved ones a nourishing dish together with the veggie recipes, which include salted fish kailan, made yummy with Maggi Ikan Bilis.

Globally Flavoring With Maggi

Get ready food from all over the world like nasi goreng cina with products from Maggi. Our method catalogue involves American food such as the meaty meatloaf as well as the eastern types for example lamb dumplings and kung pao fowl. Build a fast Japanese plate using this oyster marinade with the teriyaki poultry meal, and Arab food items for example the Chicken breast bust Arab Rice making use of our inventory cubes.

Exclusive Dishes with Maggi

Due to Maggi’s worldwide recognition, our goods have already been utilized in yummy quality recipes for delicacy. As an example, kheer, an Indian standard deal with for any milk rice pudding might actually be constructed from the noodles in the Maggi 2-Moment Noodle. Maggi items happen to be included in tasty recipes for snack food items by prepares, like potato potato chips and much more.

Useful Suggestions from Maggi

Our tips and tricks are that you could optimise your cooking meals to assist you become communicate much more time with your loved ones. Maggi can help you get the perfect form of pastas, fry a species of fish skillfully, or prepare properly to economize, time, along with your general health. You can even fully grasp decluttering your kitchen region to help you to have a very excellent preparing food location in your home.

Select Maggi Now

To obtain a fast and successful cooking, opt for Maggi now. Our products can highlight a great deal of meals in flexible tactics to make sure you put together food items with ingredients which are plentiful in your own pantry. We also have various scrumptious recipes made to provide you advice on what what you should make food to get a time, which may be very useful when inside the formula rut.