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Month: August 2022

NESCAFE®, Malaysians’ Greatest Favourite

The Tale of NESCAFÉ

Inspired to make a cup of coffee that keeps the natural flavour with the addition of h2o, NESCAFÉ created their instant caffeine mixture in 1938. Since then, NESCAFÉ became the new title in gourmet coffee — its title is a variety of Nestlé’s first three words and the expression ‘café’ as a suffix. These days, NESCAFÉ Decaf is widely liked internationally in 180 nations.


NESCAFÉ Timeless is made from a mix of high-top quality Arabica and Robusta caffeine legumes by way of a distinctive procedure that maintains the beans’ flavour and smell. From NESCAFÉ Timeless Decaf to NESCAFÉ Classic Kopi Kedah, the Vintage array offers a wide range of caffeine developed locally and sourced responsibly from other nations to guarantee every mug delivers the highest fulfilment.

NESCAFÉ Rare metal

NESCAFÉ Golden is created with perfection for those who take advantage of the more nuanced issues in everyday life. NESCAFÉ Gold provides an outstanding flavour user profile made out of great high-quality Arabica beans. It serves a long, enjoyable cup having a unique and sleek flavour. Loaded in window jars and obtainable in refill features, this device is an excellent addition to place of work pantries and residence espresso pubs.


NESCAFÉ Integrates

The NESCAFÉ Integrates variety offers numerous tasty espresso pairings obtainable in practical sachets — believe latte whole milk teas, white-coloured coffee hazelnut, and your common 3-in-1 caffeine! Each product provides a distinctive gourmet coffee taste, like the Latte Hazelnut that may be strong and nutty or even the White-colored Coffee Kaya Toast that permits you to take pleasure in all your Kopitiam favourites in a mug.


Take along NESCAFÉ with you to function, school, and on travels! Packaged in PET bottles and aluminium containers, NESCAFÉ On-The-Go enables you to match your gourmet coffee desires anytime and anyplace. The product range gives traditional favourites like Kopi-O and Cham, contemporary favourites like Frosty Make and Iced Chococino, and even plant-dependent options like Oat Latte and Almond Latte.

NESCAFÉ Coffee Makers

Created with accessible present-day components for convenience and design, the NESCAFÉ coffee maker lets you drink high-quality espresso in fashion. It is a bother-free answer to have the ultimate brew, leaving no spillage or espresso natural powder on the tabletop. NESCAFÉ coffee machines are available in numerous styles and sizes to match your style and area so that you can be your barista in the home.

NESCAFÉ: Produced Respectfully

NESCAFÉ plays a role in gourmet coffee sustainability by making sure that its caffeine is cultivated with admiration for the farmers, local community and environment. NESCAFÉ provides farm owners education and specialized assistance to increase their livelihoods, preserve drinking water and increase property efficiency to guard the environment. Support harvesting neighbourhoods to maintain espresso farming skills and living well.

NESCAFÉ Your Decision

Gourmet coffee has complicated, wide-varying tastes and fragrances, with 23,000 cups of coffee being ingested worldwide daily. NESCAFÉ ensures excellent gourmet coffee expertise by having experienced tasters identify each coffee’s diverse flavours and smells. Try out their range of products by obtaining your daily caffeinated drinks increase with NESCAFÉ Decaf espresso right now!

Providing You With Assurance With AIG Malaysia

Navigate Daily life Uncertainties with AIG Insurance

Existence might be doubtful occasionally, and it’s preferable to ready your umbrella before it rains. Often one particular celebration can change our way of life upside-down, from accidents to flooding or personal health problems. An excellent medical indemnity insurance program from AIG may help you better navigate your daily life and stay well-ready for emergencies.

What AIG Malaysia Provides

For a person’s lifestyle today, we have a great deal to care for — the brand new home we obtain, the car we travel to, or our personalized well-being. Sad occasions might come about out of the glowing blue, but we might not have access to the vitality and time to manage them. AIG Malaysia will be here to aid with a variety of strategies for a variety of requirements, from your home insurance to personal accident insurance,

Vacation Insurance plan

Have a worried-cost-free holiday during the holidays, whether travelling in the country or overseas! You can get up to RM1 million in medical security with AIG Travel Insurance when you’re out of your journeys. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, also you can get protection up to RM700,000, including quarantine allowance and much more.

AIG Malaysia

Home Insurance From AIG

Our property is our safety abode; additionally, it looks at the potential risk of split-ins, burglary, flash flooding and fires, which could damage our possessions and leave us without a destination to sleep. Give your home the coverage it needs with AIG Malaysia’s property insurance which offers fiscal defence for broken private possessions and gives overnight accommodation expenses if you’re staying in other areas if incidents happen.

Prevent Hefty Deficits And Liabilities With AIG Automobile Insurance

Driving a vehicle, your vehicle sets you at several hazards; nevertheless, you can free yourself of worry with AIG’s Car Insurance. This safety strategy addresses problems for your automobiles if any harm happens, whether from thievery, fire, or an automobile accident. Additionally, it safeguards your financial obligations, like problems which occur for some other cars in an accident with you.

Personal Automobile accident Insurance from AIG

AIG Private Crash insurance is the protection you want — an idea that moves along with you through various life phases. Take pleasure in insurance for medical expenditures and bills in the face of unpredicted circumstances, and present your household member the same defence too down the road in everyday life. Sign up for this course of action online, or contact our brokers for more details.

Do We Need Insurance Programs?

What will afflict you and your family and friends in the face of daily life uncertainties like mishaps, medical problems or disasters? It will be tough to think about, but acquiring prepared is the best way to alleviate the influence of those regrettable occasions. Give both you and your adored one peace of mind with insurance coverage from AIG.

Numerous Insurance Programs All Under 1 Roof At AIG Malaysia

Choosing an excellent insurance program could be a hard determination to help make, considering the variety of goods on the market. AIG is undoubtedly a position where you can select many insurance plans for many different elements in your life. Obtain a personal insurance preparation, journey insurance or perhaps an automobile insurance program at AIG. Pay a visit to for additional information on medical indemnity insurance.

PUMA in The World of Sports

With the business mission of being “Forever Faster”, PUMA aims to be the Fastest Sports Brand in the World. For over 70 years, PUMA has been developing sports footwear, apparel, womens golf shorts and accessories for the best athletes. PUMA’s range of sports apparel is designed by incorporating performance and sports inspiration into its products.

From Humble Beginnings to International Breakthrough

In 1919, the Dassler Brothers started their shoe factory in their parent’s home, which grew and evolved into the world-renowned PUMA today. The brand had gained notoriety since Jesse Owens sported Dassler spikes and won four gold medals during the 1936 Olympic Games. More athletes wore PUMA shoes and apparel in subsequent world sporting events, crafting a global reputation for the brand.


Level Up On The Playing Field

Today, the playing field is more diverse than ever. Be it on the running tracks, golf courses or the football field. PUMA supplies athletes with the right equipment to perform, from golf clubs to running shoes. Even when not doing sports, PUMA sports apparel is a versatile wear that you can style in various ways.

PUMA’s Business Philosophy

PUMA views sustainability in the same way they consider sports — it’s about figuring out and improving weaknesses to reach common goals. PUMA strives to create change through fashion and sportswear by improving social and environmental areas where they have the most significant impact, including Plastic & Oceans, Circularity, Biodiversity and more.

PUMA: Culture of Firsts

PUMA thrives on the culture of being first and delivering performance innovations to push athletes to greater heights. In 1968, the Brush Spike that featured Velcro™ on performance footwear was designed for the first time. The tiny rows of spikes on the shoes helped athletes maximise traction and minimised resistance, which worked well for athletes at the 1968 Olympic Trials.

Turning Intent Into Action

Racial and social imbalances have skewed criminal justice systems — this is why PUMA supports organisations like REFORM Alliance and the ACLU to advocate for reforms to a broken system. PUMA womens golf shorts takes a firm stance against societal injustice, discrimination and inequality and aims to support good causes for a better society.