Month: December 2020

Redefining Coworking With Common Ground

The Common Ground Experience

Common Ground is a co-working space launched in March 2017. Common Ground is also a community for influenced business owners. We provide four main expertise: a personal office rental, shared office rental, fixed desk, along with a virtual office. In 2019, Common Ground won Best Coworking Space in the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards. Look into Mont Kiara office for rent now.

There are numerous benefits to working in a coworking space, especially as being a freelance worker or maybe a fresh business owner only starting! Rather than working from your home and being stuck inside regularly, a coworking space can place you in the best mindset for operating, and might even boost your efficiency.

Here at Common Ground, you can expect a personal office choice, which includes 24/7 access your very own private, lockable office environment. Many of the perks include a free of charge 12 hours access to meeting rooms, in addition to enhanced printing capabilities for both colour and white or black pages.

Common Ground

Renting a workplace is a wonderful choice for any company, both venturing out and established. Rather than being concerned about monthly premiums, it’s simple to pay attention to building your small business for the best potential. Creating a specialist business address during a central, readily available place is likewise great while confronting clients!

Having a fixed cubicle at Common Ground is an excellent gain for small start-ups and teams- no stress about renting a massive space and overpaying. Fixed desks give you all the advantages of an open-working surrounding, as well as many network benefits. Appreciation 5 hours access to our meeting rooms is included, and printing services.

A virtual office provides you with all of the advantages of an actual location, minus the fees, or you have to be actually present! With Common Ground’s virtual office deal, you can acquire a professional organization address together with a business landline number. Must you need a meeting room or work area, we are also pleased to provide reduced prices for you at any place.

Learn more information about each package offered on the Common Ground website. Additionally, we offer you a test run to anybody who chooses to try out the Common Ground experience before choosing! Please pay a visit to our website, enter your chosen time and location, and you’re all set to go! Visit for more information on Mont Kiara office for rent.

Building A Potential Future With RHB Malaysia

Who’re RHB MY?

RHB Banking Group MY is now over A century old! In addition to personal, business and Islamic banking, are various kinds of other services offered, which include insurance, investments, savings account and loans. RHB has won many awards with regards to their work, such as the Finance Asia Awards, Bursa Excellence Awards, and a lot more. It has already been indispensable towards Malaysia’s markets having its intensive fiscal research.

Records and Deposits at RHB

Find an account that is versatile and suits your preferences with RHB. Applying for an RHB credit card also is included with perks, which include credit limit increases or instalment transaction plans. RHB also has loan services, which you’ll find variable and detailed. Additionally, we have exceptional RHB insurance plans for you and your family.

RHB Investment Plans

There are also diverse financial commitment schemes you may capitalize on to develop your personal success. Our remittance services also make it easy for you to send money in a foreign currency. If you would like extra comfort on your valuables, our safe deposit boxes give you a secure approach to store your stuff.

RHB Bank

RHB Insurance for Corporations

Here at RHB, we’re extremely pleased to compliment local businesses with our fast and competent account opening process. RHB’s business loans are available if you’re starting, and well suited for any business owner. There are also attractive policy choices for your employees and business- stay protected with RHB.

RHB Business enterprise Banking Options

RHB views itself your companion in your business ventures- not just your bank! Your small business will also take advantage of the suggest that our consultants offer, on both investment decisions along with exchange financial services. These could allow you to increase your company so it can accomplish its full possibilities, and turn into even more effective.

Why Decide on Islamic Financial with RHB?

Right here at RHB, we’re committed to providing prime quality Islamic banking services to all or any our customers that want it. Some advantages of having an Islamic Savings account add the proven fact that your instalments won’t be compounded, in contrast to a standard banking account. If you’re a non-Muslim, you are very welcome to apply for an Islamic account also!

Great things about RHB Now Banking

With RHB Now Banking, you can view all your accounts of your phone itself. You can also send money or make transfer effortlessly. No more long lines at the bank, now you can access your bank account from anywhere on this planet! Just download it from a phone’s app store and find the setup with any of the quick manuals on the website.

Why Would You Select RHB?

RHB has a huge range of products to suit every lifestyle. Our customer care assist and expert advice can ensure that you are in good company on this journey to develop your wealth or start your brand-new business enterprise! Banking won’t be a struggle- allow us to do this together. Go to to see even more in regards to the diverse choices of the offer on the savings account.